©Project Noah's Ark - Samel El Sayary

©Project Noah's Ark - Samel El Sayary



Above all, tell us about yourself in a few words: Where do you live, study or work at the moment?

I am Samer El Sayary, Assistant architect of Architecture working between Egypt and Lebanon, International trainer for Architectural Softwares and a award winning architect with a 25 award till the year 2017,
My Design Manifesto could be summarized in the three main principles:
1- Digging deep in the knowledge and science accumulated through thousands of years in our region to capture hidden values and intangible strengths of our legacy.
2-Developing those values and strengths using cutting edge technologies to create a state or art architecture that carries the spirit of the past, not in its shape or form, but in its experience.
3-Teaching future generation how to use technology to develop their Heritage.

One sentence to tell us about your project

Leaving earth will be a must for mankind to survive in future. This vessel is a self-sustaining and sufficient environment housing earth life-forms to start a new life on Mars.

Was does your project mean to you?

A key to start working hard to be one of the first generation of Space architects working for future generations of Human race

What challenges did you face during the creation process of your project?

We live in the same place that people used to live for 5000 years ago. Our goal to stretch our legacy to the next 5000 year for the future generations.
To link a legacy icon to a futuristic technological device.

How does it feel to try to be one of the most visionary architects in the world?

It gives me more energy to work harder to be better and start a new career in future space architecture

Do you think the Foundation played a crucial role in your project’s advancement, visibility?

I believe that publication and fame is much more important than winning, the foundation is helping people like me to start the first generation of architects who will work in outer space architecture

Why participate in such a competition? Would you do it again?

Participating in such a competition is providing me with motivation to work and for me this project is just a start in a line of career.

What’s the next step?

Participating in scientific research concerning outer space architecture to link research with practice

A word of advice for this year’s participants?

Keep moving forward, winning is just a stage to complete what you already started not an end target.