Daniel Valle is the creator of Water Pavilion - Walk towards the ocean

©Daniel Vale - Water Pavilion: Walk towards the ocean

©Daniel Vale - Water Pavilion: Walk towards the ocean

"The project invites all visitors for a walk towards the ocean."

What better way to increase awareness than through art ?

Daniel Valle, a Spanish architect, thought of his Water pavilion as a boat that would allow people to walk towards the ocean as the structure seems to keep changing its level from emerged to almost fully submerged. 

Still, Water pavilion explores various water principles and their translation into an architectural experience such as fluidity, buoyancy and constant level change. Like submarines, the pavilion stands between submerged and emerged levels defining a sensible state of equilibrium between dryness and wetness. The project invites all visitors for a walk towards the ocean. The visual effect created makes the spectator feel like he is walking directly to the ocean and aims to represent the real risk that many coastal areas around the world will face because of sea level rise, one of the major consequences of global warming.

To really merge the spectator into his universe, he engineered a hole allowing the free fall of water, creating a cloud of water vapor and the sound of a cascade.

We interviewed Daniel Valle on his project: 

One sentence to tell us about your project

A never-before experience towards the sea.

Was does your project mean to you?

The project is very meaningful to me as it represents much of what we are as architects. The Water Pavillion was a creative and free thinking design process where Natural references and new technologies merge into a design proposal.

What challenges did you face during the creation process of your project?

Mostly we faced technical challenges as we were designing on water instead of land as usually architects do. We had to study the basic properties of buoyancy and other principles that naval engineers are familiar with.

How does it feel to try to be one of the most visionary architects in the world?

It is not for me to say whether our work is visionary or not but rather focus on the quality of the work every time we engage in a new project.  Prices like the one we received by the Fondation Jacques Rougerie certainly reassures us that we are doing good work and it is a very rewarding feeling.

Do you think the Foundation played a crucial role in your project’s advancement, visibility?

I definitively think so. The media attention that the price has is phenomenal and it has resonated among our clients and followers.

Why participate in such a competition? Would you do it again?

It is always interesting to participate in this kind of competitions because they allow designers to think free with no restrictions. Most of the competitions have plenty of constrains where this one has none.

What’s the next step?

We wish to make this design a reality sometime in the future. For that we will need to advertise it and find a public or private investor interested in the idea.

A word of advice for this year’s participants?

To be innovative is hard work but it is worth trying! Designers should always strive for unexpected solutions (innovation) even if it is a modest one.