Award winner "New Edge, Extending shore boundaries"

Prethvi Raj R. M. & Prasanth Jayaprakash, India

Project of Prethvi Raj & Prasanth Jayaprakash, the 2016 laureate - Promo Francis Rambert "Architecture and Sea Level Rise" Award The design was approached from a scientific background, which will encounter the problem at its crux and offer multi-layered ECO-infrastructural systems. The diverse forces of the context were expected to synthesize with each other and evolve a synergic bond that brings the social, ecological and economical resilience to the context.

Special Mention "H2O ferme flottante"

Zhicheng Weng, Zicheng Cui, Léo Bentegeat, China/France

Project of Léo Bentegeat, Zhicheng Weng, Zicheng Cui, the 2016 Special Mention - Promo Francis Rambert "Architecture and Sea Level Rise" Award Faced with rising sea levels, H2O, the humanitarian floating farm, is an emergency structure aimed to house and feed the increasing number of climate refugees.

Coup de Coeur "Buoyant Light"

Claire Lubell, Virginia Fernandez Rincon, Canada

Project of Claire Lubell, Virginia Fernandez Rincon, the 2016 Coup de coeur - Promo Francis Rambert "Architecture and Sea Level Rise" Award

Encouragement of the Jury "Land-water co-habitation"

Tang Jieliang, Hong Kong

Project of Tang Jieliang, the 2016 Encouragement of the Jury - Promo Francis Rambert - "Architecture and Sea Level Rise" Award

- "1 mètre plus tard" - Elise Tessier, France
- "Habiter le risque" - Ingrid Petit & Louis Mayes, France/UK
- "Le champs de sirènes"- Clément Pichon, Clément Subirana, Sébastien Granier, Vincent Sabatier, France
- "Dwelling on the edge" - Robert Newman, UK
- "RSL Competition Floating Resilience" - Patrick Lefebvre, Carolus Zschieschang, Canada/Germany
- "Thirst" - Tsvetkov Aleksandr Andreevich, Burykina Anna Vyacheslavovna, Ogurtsov Semen Victorovich, Fedorov
Denis Maksimovich, Semen Rastorguev, Lyubov Mezenina, Irina Smirnova, Galitsina Svetlana Alexandrovna, Russia