Award winner "The Reef of Silence"

Yunil Nam, Republic of Korea

The project of Yunil Nam , the 2016 laureate - Promo Francis Rambert "Innovation and Architecture for the Sea" Award The Reef of Silence explores a funerary venue and coral cultivation facility within underwater structure alongside investigation into cultural and environmental issues in Indian Ocean.

Special Mention "Anticipatory Archipelagos"

Shaunice Ten, Singapore

Project of Shaunice Ten, the 2016 Special Mention - Promo Francis Rambert "Innovation and Architecture for the Sea" Award Anticipatory Archipelagos proposes a narrative that explores the theory and geography of land sea valuation through the lens of 'islandness'.

Coup de Coeur "Water Pavilion-Walk towards the ocean"

Diego Daniel Valle Almagro, Spain

Project of Daniel Valle, the 2016 Coup de Coeur - Promo Francis Rambert - The "Innovation and Architecture for Sea" Award The proposal for the Water Pavilion explores various water principles and the translation into an architectural experience. The notion of fluidity, buoyancy and constant change are principles for our proposal.

Encouragement of the Jury "Civilization 0.000"

Dimo Ivanov, Bulgaria

Project of Dimo Ivanov, the 2016 Encouragement of the Jury - Promo Francis Rambert - "Innovation and Architecture for Sea" Award Civilization 0.000 is a high tech structure, placed at Cape Horn in Southern Chile, that uses locally available renewable energy sources to generate electricity.

- "FO[u]R_ENERGY" - Adam Fernandez, France
- "Hydrogen - a self-sustainable energy system" - Roxana Roca, Romania
- "Méditerranée entre frontières et rêve de territoire", Delphine Habay - France
- "Aquatic Plutocracies - Alex Warren", UK
- "Uncharted Territory" - Benjamin Grabherr, Austria
-"Voyage au centre de la mer vers un archipel industriel" - Thomas Paturet & Muriz Djurdjevic, Switzerland/France