2017 Grand Prix

Currents for Currents, Blue is the new green

Equipe/Team: Deo Alrashid T. Alam, Robert Andrew P. Galano, Pierre Michael Monjardin

Pays/Country: Philippines

2017 Focus "ports of the future"

Ephemere Highrise Floating Power Station & Liquid Metal Battery Charging Station

Equipe/Team:: Dimo Ivanov

Pays/Country: From: Bulgaria

2017 Coup de Cœur

BIOLUM_REEF : un récif habité éco-vertueux

Equipe/Team: Olivier Bocquet, Lisa Tanet, Laurence Casalot, François Desruelles, Christian Tamburini

Pays/Country: France


Aero-Nautical PORTable, Bridging the globe / Team: Ahmed Abdelhamid, Mahmoud Abdelmonem, Hamdy Hefnawy / Country: Egypte/Egypt

Abu Bay, Ideal Habitat of Man / Team: Giammarco Coviello / Country: Italie/Italy

Power Lungs, 60,000 Ports: Oxygen, Power, Produce / Team: Martin Gaardboe, Alina Minassian / Country: Australie/Australia

Portocitta, Un milieu, un écosystème-portuaire / Team: Sandra Asamade, Ceraolo Lorenzo / Country: France

Ocean Station, Docking stations for ocean travel / Team: Vincent H. Lien / Country: Australie/Australia             

SeaScraper, self-sufficient urban organism / Team: Ernesto Maximilian Mulch / Country: Allemagne/Germany

Le Navire H.M : la ville du Futur / Team: Houda Mzougui / Country: Maroc/Morocco

IRIS, Arados, a spatial ocean dynamo on Beirut’s coastline / Team: Karim Najjar / Country: Allemagne/Germany – Liban/Lebanon

Arados, Underwater Museum / Team: Louay Albarazy / Country: Syrie/ Syria

Demokratia, “An Island for Democracy” / Team: Paul Higgisson / Country: Irelande/Ireland