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Under the Patronage of French Ministry of Culture

we organize two yearly international Competitions in Architecture and Art

8 awards globally rewarded with € 50,000

architecture competition


Grand Prize
wandering jellyfish


Grand Prize
Mars Reefs

sea level rise

Grand Prize
Purrifying Cloud


Sea Morphosis


focus award
Space Urchin

sea level rise

focus award
Amazone Pavillon

art competition

art in space

Grand Prize
Salvage 1

art under the sea

Grand Prize

International Architecture competition

The yearly International Architecture Competition supports and accompanies the development of visionary biomimetic architectural projects located in the Sea, in Space or addressing the challenges of the Sea Level Rise.
The awarded projects, inspired by the genius of nature,  are the result of close cooperation between scientific and artistic disciplines and bear strong ties to culture and arts.

Register in one of the 6 Architecture Awards categories (Grand Prix or Focus Award), submit your bio-inspired housing for the future project. Build up multidisciplinary teams in order to enhance a collective reflection combining science and art.

International Art under the Sea and Art in Space Awards

The yearly International Art under the Sea and Art in Space Awards, created in partnership with the Académie des Beaux-Arts, reward artists who explore new forms of expression in the Sea or in Space in sections : Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Engraving, Musical composition, Artistic creations in cinema and video, Photography, Choreography. Exploring Sea and Space, we are committed to unveal new creative forces and thus offer people on Earth to evolve towards new emotional fields.

Register to the Art under the Sea or Art in Space category, submit your artistic project addressing the emergence of the world of tomorrow.

The competitions are free, open to students or professionals.
Next session to open early 2021

You are willing to build the world in a disruptive way, respecting biodiversity and acting through a bio-inspired approach, stimulated by the genius of nature. You are committed to a resilient and sustainable future for the common good. You are highly motivated to address Climate change. Shaping a sustainable future society increase your creativity..Every year, the international Jacques Rougerie Foundation Awards reward worldwide bold and visionary architects, designers, engineers and urban planners who imagine the habitats of the future in the coastal, oceanic, and outer space fields.

become a part of the EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURE!

Since the beginning, several thousands of candidates from the five continents have contributed to making the international Architectur Competition a worldwide successful event.

Come and join in!

Your project will be evaluated by a prestigious jury, made of various internationally renowned specialists working in the fields of architecture, arts as well as marine and space exploration, among others.

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