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Space Sea Generation — Joining Arts, Sciences, Technologies and Nature to build the future of our civilizations


Meet today's major challenges, and in particular the Ocean, the guarantor of our environmental and social living environment.

Climate & Rising Waters

Acting for greater environmental responsibility by integrating water and climate issues into the development of our society.


Opening up fields of development and technological applications that are essential for the future of our civilisation.

" I realized my dreams thanks to women and men who believed in my vision of a prospective biomimetic, bio-inspired architecture and who helped me to implement it. Without them, many of these projects would not have been possible. Today, I wish to communicate this passion that has always driven me by helping new generations to imagine their future and build their own dreams. This is our commitment with the foundation, because it is from the ocean and space that the destiny of our civilization will come.”

Jacques Rougerie

Jacques Rougerie

Jacques Rougerie

Jacques Rougerie is a world-renowned French visionary architect and academician, specializing in marine and coastal habitats. Passionate about the sea and space, he bases his work and innovations on…


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Biomimicry and living ecosystems

Nature, with its 3.8 billion years of evolution, allows us to explore new avenues of innovation. An infinite source of inspiration, it designs and manufactures sustainably, creating the most beautiful…


To enable new generations to imagine and create new models of life that will preserve future civilizations, the Foundation needs your invaluable support. Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation offers young talent the chance to blossom and build this future, giving them a message of hope and the means to surpass themselves.