The "Architecture and Innovation for Sea" International Grand Prix

Let's dive into the heart of the action to meet the crucial challenges of our time, by putting the spotlight on the ocean, the true pillar of our global ecosystem!

Architectural innovation linked to bio-inspiration and sustainable development are the watchwords of this call for creativity.

Humanity is at a crucial crossroads in its history, facing unprecedented environmental challenges. Among these ones, the preservation and proper management of marine resources is of paramount importance.


The ocean is our planet's most important resource, thanks to its multiple capacities in energy, pharmacology, food and so many other fields. Yet the seas and oceans are still poorly understood and poorly managed to ensure symbiosis with the needs of the whole of humanity.


It is essential to place people and their environment at the center of all thinking, particularly when designing ocean-related projects. This requires specifically adapted engineering, that takes into account the unique characteristics of the marine or submarine environment, such as marine dynamics, depth, buoyancy, pressure and living conditions, whether saturated or at atmospheric pressure.


The main objective is to design and implement sustainable, self-sufficient marine or underwater structures capable of meeting essential human needs while preserving the integrity of marine ecosystems and their delicate balance.

Your project must take into account the particular lifestyle of the people living in this extreme environment. It must also aim for energy self-sufficiency and autonomy, using natural sources such as tidal turbines, wave collectors or ocean thermal energy...

In this quest for sustainability, the project must promote biodiversity and minimize its footprint on ecosystems, by implementing strategies for waste management and preserving marine biodiversity. Mobility must also be taken into account: what means of transport will be used in relation to the land?

Your project must be designed as a circular economy model, favoring maximum recyclability of the materials used, in order to have a positive ecological impact.


Your project must represent a crucial step towards a future where man and ocean coexist harmoniously. By adopting a rigorous scientific approach and a bold vision, we can harness the ocean's riches while preserving its splendor for future generations.

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