Space Art Grand Prix 2022

Three spacecraft float in pitch black. The eye examines their relief, follows their contours as they sink into the darkness, and lingers on the effects of the clear light on the materials.

Salvage 1, satellite models made from space debris

Stefan Eichhorn has been studying the fate of satellites and other debris in geostationary orbit, 36,200 kilometres above the Earth's surface, which is designed to receive decommissioned spacecraft. Based on a collection of documents, he recycles these elements in a fictitious way to create sculptures designed with the utmost fidelity and attention to detail. The models are then photographed as if following their orbital course, celestial objects revealed by sunlight. Suspended outside time in an indefinable space, these satellite chimeras, which cast doubt on the veracity of their existence, also raise questions about their origin and status. Could it be that objects produced by human societies are acquiring a new autonomy in space, beyond all control?

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Stefan Eichhorn, artist

Over the last sixty years, the history of countercultures and the history of technological development have constantly intersected, sometimes coming together and developing a shared interest in the construction of a new world. It is on this premise that a large part of Stefan Eichhorn's work is built, on these utopias which, from popular cultures to the most advanced fields of space engineering, invent new horizons.

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