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French freediving champion, dancer and director, in 2018 she shot the short film Ama, which features her in a poetic underwater dance performance shot entirely underwater.

A short film paying tribute to women in a poetic underwater dance performance

Julie Gautier has built a new life. French freediving champion at the age of 26, she hung up her competitive fins in 2009 to give free rein to her artistic flair, in the service of a cause: protecting the oceans. Out of weariness and conviction, she realised that she would no longer thrive on breaking records: the time for the pursuit of performance was over. For over ten years now, Julie, self-taught and gifted, has been making films. It was her partner Guillaume Nery, twice world freediving champion, who put a camera in her hands: a revelation.  Her first film, "Free Fall", was released in 2010, in which she filmed freediving, following her partner as he free-falls into Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world (-202 metres) on Long Island in the Bahamas. The film, which lasts just over 4 minutes, has been viewed more than 20 million times on the internet, familiarising the uninitiated with the spectral light of marine chasms.

Ama is the name of the fisherwomen in Japan who freedive to the depths to collect shellfish.

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Julie Gautier, freediver, dancer and director

Julie Gautier, born 19 November 1979, is a French freediver, director, model and dancer. She is apnea champion in the constant weight speciality.

Since the age of 26, she and her partner Guillaume Néry (world champion freedivers) have been creating artistic underwater videos that offer a new perspective on the marine world. Their strength comes from using freediving to work from either side of the camera. Being completely self-taught, she draws her inspiration from dance, comic strips and film.

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