A database has been created to centralise and capitalise on the projects submitted to the Foundation's annual international architecture and innovation competition. Discover this creative platform in the service of climate and sustainability.


A genuine source of inspiration for nature-based solutions, this unique corpus constitutes a precious digital library open to everyone, at any time. The state of the art and the latest ideas, more than 650 documentary resources provide the forward-looking, technical and scientific answers that are essential for research and the consolidation of data in the sector, to ensure that innovation is fairer in all its interdependencies.

  • 650Award-winning and nominated projects

CLIMATE & SEAL LEVEL RISE | Focus on innovative projects for the preservation of the coastal issues hit by global warming.

SEA | Innovative projects establishing a new environmental and societal approach between Human beings and Ocean.

SPACE | Fields of development and major technological applications for the future of our civilizations.

Discover this creative platform at the service of climate and sustainability here.