As a gas pedal of opportunities, the Foundation coordinates an international, intergenerational and multidisciplinary network of leading experts, prizewinners, patrons and partners.

This group of prestigious ambassadors represents the values of the Foundation loud and clear, and provides a genuine forum for ongoing dialogue between knowledge and disciplines. It fosters synergies and brings together the skills needed to bring award-winning creations to life.

"It's not enough to dream of a better, more peaceful, more united and more sustainable world. It's up to you to design and build it with boldness, creativity and poetry. Dare to be artists and builders. Aim big, aim high, aim far, aim for the moon, why not!"

Claudie Haigneré

Claudie HaigneréAstronaut

An international ambassador community

Dan Goldin

Former NASA Administrator

Sylvia Earle

Marine biologist, explorer

Jean-Loup Chrétien


Bertrand Piccard

Explorer, Solar Impulse founder

Dominique Perrault

Architect Member of the Académie des beaux-arts - Institute of France

Claudie Haigneré


Kazuyo Sejima


Jean-François Clervoy


Gonzague de Blignières

Co-founder of Raise

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Ocean Futures Society Fondator

Françoise Gaill


Sarah Whiting


Gilles Boeuf

Biologist, oceanology expert

Francis Rambert

Director of the Cité de l'Architecture Correspondent of the Académie des beaux-arts - Institute of France

Vladimir Ryabinin

Secretary General IOC-UNESCO

Francis Soler


Carlos Moreno

Scientific Director

Achinoam "Noa" Nini


Marie Tabarly


Raphaël DomJan


Justin Ahanhanzo

IOC-UNESCO Project Officer

Mahmoud El Burai

Senior Advisor Real estate Regulatory Agency Dubaï Government

Michel Tognini


Cécile Gaspar

Co-founder of the Te Mana O Te Moana association

Philippe Vallette


Alain Renaudin

President and founder of Biomim'Expo

Francis Vallat

Former President of the French Maritime Cluster

Franck Zal

Marine biologist