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From Physalie to SeaOrbiter, via Pulmo, Aquaspace and Galathée, enter the world of Jacques Rougerie and his dream of inhabiting the sea and space through his flagship projects.

As a child on the remote beaches of Africa, his friends built tree houses. He wanted to build them under the sea or in space, and become an explorer of the future. Fascinated by Jules Verne's novels, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and the voyage "From the Earth to the Moon", and later by Gagarin's exploit and Commander Cousteau's development of the world's first underwater habitat in the same year, Jacques Rougerie saw his destiny transformed by these two great space and ocean adventures.

"There were no real architectural or technical references for building these new ocean living environments. It was therefore essential for me to work with a multi-disciplinary team and to draw inspiration from the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, who said to his students: "Go take your lessons from nature, that's where our future lies." Because since the origin of the world, 3 billion 800 million years ago, nature has been designing the most beautiful shapes, the most elegant curves and manufacturing the best materials. It is this biomorphic approach that is at the origin of my creations."

Jacques Rougerie

Jacques Rougerie


The synthesis of over 30 years of work and experiments under the sea, SeaOrbiter is an international ocean station, like the ISS in space. This mobile semi-submersible station, the only one of its kind in the world, is a permanent underwater scientific, technological and educational laboratory at the heart of the oceans.

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