The Foundation

The Jacques Rougerie Foundation encourages the commitment of the younger generation at an international level, who wish to respond to the major challenges of our century by developing visionary, biomimetic artistic and architectural projects in the world of the Sea and Space, in connection with climate issues.

Foundation's ambitions

AWARENESS | Raise awarness about the sea and space problematics to call for action by all, and allow new relationships beetween humans and their environment.

TRANSMISSION | Share knowledge and trigger vocations by promoting innovation in architecture, techniques, design, and all fields open to a responsible foresight. 

ACTION | Offering to the emerging talents the possibility to imagine and build the symbiotic environment of tomorrow in order to highlight and enhance the resources of the planet. 


The Foundation's aim is to encourage awareness and commitment to action on the part of all, especially the younger generations, in the fields of marine environment preservation and man's future…

Partners & sponsors

To enable new generations to imagine and create new models of life that will preserve future civilisations, the Foundation needs the invaluable support of its partners and patrons. Thanks to their…