Jacques Rougerie at the source of Iris Van Herpen's latest show

For her latest Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, the unclassifiable and prodigious designer Iris van Herpen drew inspiration from the seminal work of Jacques Rougerie, "Architect of the Sea".

For this collection, Iris van Herpen was inspired by the future of floating cities and the concept of bionic design.

Iris van Herpen's creative journey began with the visionary ideas of Jacques Rougerie, architect and oceanographer, known as the "architect of the sea", reflecting a vision where man inhabits both land and sea.

Other elements of the collection are influenced by the world's first floating city, "Oceanix", currently under construction in South Korea. The first major manifestation of this new form of urbanism on water, it harnesses renewable energy sources, offers healthy living spaces and also serves as a catalyst for marine biodiversity and ecological regeneration. By integrating biomimetics, these floating cities create self-sustaining ecosystems that thrive above and below coastal waters. This new generation of architects shows a radical shift in urban planning and a blueprint for the resilient cities of the future.

Based on research and development, the collection embodies the principles of parametric architecture, known for its fluidity, fragmentation and shifting patterns. 

The dynamic energy of the design is evident in the explosive patterns of light and shadow that vibrate around the body, fractal shapes, geodesic voids and distorted perspectives that redefine the traditional boundaries of fashion.

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