2018 Awards

Laurent Fayat Year

The foundation rewarded the winners of the 8th edition of its international architecture competition at the Institut de France. Twelve winning projects of extraordinarily innovative and bold have been distinguished around the world. Around the president of the juries Dominique Perrault, architect, member of the Institute, Francis Rambert, director of the Cité de l'Architecture chaired the Sea jury, Jean-Pierre Haigneré, French cosmonaut, chaired the Space jury and Justin Ahanahzo, member of the IOC UNESCO chaired the Sea Level Rise jury.


Innovation and Architecture for the Sea Awards

Grand Prix

THE SHIP OF THESEUS - Kaushal Tatiya - India

Special Mention

ICEMILL - Katarzyna Przybyla; Poland - Poland

Focus Award "Floating building made of Recycled Plastic Waste"

PLASTIC PIRATE ARCHIPELAGO - Félix Chicoteau & Thomas Giroud – France

Innovation and Architecture for Space Awards

Grand Prix

QUINTESSENCE - Jordan Hugues - United Kingdom

Special Mention

INFINITY - Thomas Goessler- Austria 

Focus Award “Lunar Village”

THE OASIS - Samer El Sayary - Egypt

Special Mention Focus Award “Lunar Village”

SELENIA- Sylve et Pierre-Jacques Truyman - France

Innovation and Architecture related to Sea Level Rise Awards

Grand Prix

THE GREAT WALL OF LAGOON - Chang Chun Lin & Sheng Han Chen – Taiwan, China

Coup de coeur

TEKASA'Ï - Loïs Tavernier - France

Focus Award "The African Coastline”

SEME-BIOSE - Franklin Hermann Sokning Yemeli & Mesmer Ndienang Dapabko - Cameroon

Akuo Sunstyle Students Awards

Special Mention

ASTRAL WINDOW - Yahia Barkaoui - Tunisia

Special Mention

BLOOM IN GLOOM - Michael Angelo Almanza & Ismael Azis & James Ballares & John Paul Felices & John Briggs Gime& Armando III Martines &  Gabriel Salcedo & Mc Kenly Toling& Norberto Villas - Philippines