Biomim' (Amazing) Exhibition

Biomimicry, Star of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

Visiting Biomim'Expo, the greatest exhibition dedicated to biomimicry, you may meet great experts, such as the French biologist Gilles Bœuf with whom Jacques Rougerie had the opportunity to share his vision of biomimicry through his research and achievements in bio-inspired architecture.

You may also discover the laureates of the foundation who are in the spotlight during this fair: Tekasaï project by the Frenchwoman Loïs Tavernier, 2018 Prize winner, "Sea Level Rise" category, Sylve Truyman, 2017 Prize winner, "Space" category with project "Sélénia" or Olivier Bocquet, 2018 Prize winner, Sea category with "Biolum Reef" project, displayed on a special booth dedicated to his project which is being tested in full size thanks to the patronship of the Vicat group.

"We are discovering how modest and humble we must be. Living organisms may only bring us solutions, not problems" says Alain Renaudin, president of NewCorp Conseil, founder of Biomim'expo who coordinates the show with passion.The multidisciplinarity, the interdependance of the scientific expertise, and the extraordinary innovations around a unique and promising subject -biomimicry- encourage us to put together our creativity and enthusiasm in order to change our vision to build our future.