Opening of the 12th International Architecture Competition

Push the boundaries of your imagination! Be a visionary!

Show your boldness and share your passion.

In 2022 for the 12th edition of its competition, the Jacques Rougerie Foundation invites the international community of young architects, engineers, designers, students or professionals to imagine visionary architectural projects, in response of the great challenges of humanity. These biomimetic, bio-inspired projects must put together form, function and environment and place humans at the heart.

The projects must imperatively promote the environmental preservation and contribute to the integration of the sea and space in the future of the planet.

Candidates are invited to build multidisciplinary teams combining sciences, arts and new technologies. They will use the constraints of the extreme environments in which their projects are located as new creative force.

The competition is free and open to students as to professionals around the world. It is endowed with a globla amount of € 30,000 in 3 categories:

Architecture and Innovation for the Sea,
Architecture and Innovation related to Sea level Rise and
Architecture and Innovation for Space

The Awards ceremony will take place in December.

Imagine your future! Build your dreams!