Tempo d'Acqua at the Pisa Architecture Biennale

Water as dimension of time

"Accepting that the territory is fragile and transforming this awareness into a design force": this is the powerful and concise message left behind by the third edition of the Pisa Architecture Biennale, held in the Tuscan city at the Arsenali Repubblicani complex from November 21 to December 1.

“Timeofwater - Water as dimension of Time”: the theme of this edition of the Biennale, developed through diverse initiatives the link between wate. Jacques Rougerie was invited to share his vision of the relationship of human beings with water and to feature a wide range of projects by the winners of the foundation's International Architecture Competition.

An event conceived and organised by the Associazione Culturale LP Laboratorio Permanente per la città, directed this third edition by architect Alfonso Femia.